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Welcome to the VTube Studio Manual

Thank you for your interest in VTube Studio! This page explains what VTube Studio is, how to use it and also covers some basic troubleshooting topics that you may find helpful.

Full documentation: Click here!

Should anything be unclear, feel free to reach out to us on Twitter or join our Discord server. This project is being developed and maintained by Denchi (https://twitter.com/DenchiSoft).

Live2D Expandable Application

Disclaimer: This app is an indie production and is not developed by Live2D Inc., but is officially licensed to use the Live2D Cubism SDK.

What is VTube Studio?

VTube Studio is an app available for iPhone/macOS, Android and Windows. The app uses your smartphone to track your face and animate a Live2D Cubism Model accordingly. The model is shown directly on your phone or on your PC by streaming the face-tracking data over your local network from your phone to your PC/Mac.

VTube Studio Setup

From there, you can use OBS or any other streaming software to create videos and livestreams using your Virtual YouTuber Live2D avatar. Interested? Here’s a small preview:

What do I need?

You need a smartphone (iPhone or Android) and a PC (if you want to stream on PC). Supported smartphones:

The app is free to try out, so just download it and see if it works on your phone! If you like it, you can buy the PRO version to remove the watermark from the app and enable unlimited face streaming!

Where do I download it?

Download the app for your smartphone and PC/Mac. When there’s an update, always remember to download the newest version for both PC/Mac and your smartphone.

Click here to see the changelog.

Where is the documentation?

Feel free to play around a bit by yourself! When you’re ready to get serious, check out the documentation:

VTube Studio Official Documentation

Privacy Policy

The VTube Studio apps (macOS/Windows and iOS/Android) do not collect ANY user information. No user data, models, images, videos or face-tracking data created/streamed in the app are shared anywhere.

For more information, see our Data Retention and Privacy Policy


Model Licenses

The Live2D models included in the app (with the exception of “Akari”) belong to Live2D Inc., please respect the “Agreement for Free Material”. The Akari model was drawn and modeled by Denchi. You may use this model freely, but not for commercial purposes unless you have explicit permission to do so.

VTube Studio Branding

If you would like to use the VTube Studio logo and other branding in your videos, please do not modify them. You can get them on the branding-page.

VTube Studio License

You are not allowed to use the free version of VTube Studio for commercial purposes. As an individual or small Company/VTuber Agency, please buy a license (“PRO version” per in-app purchase on Android/iOS) if you plan to use the app commercially (monetized YouTube videos, superchats).

If you are a bigger company looking to utilize VTube Studio (ads, TV, etc.), please contact us directly. We offer different licensing terms for companies looking to utilize VTube Studio (ads, TV, etc.), so please contact us directly.

Details are also available in our end-user license agreement (EULA).

Open Source Licenses

VTube Studio uses various open-source projects. A complete list of used software and their respective licenses can be found here.

Special Thanks

A huge Thank You to the people helping me with some of the feature planning: Brian Tsui and Soy from Iron Vertex, a Live2D Guild that does absolutely amazing Live2D commission work. I regularly work closely with them and if you want a professional, highest-quality Live2D model, I’ll unequivocally recommend them anytime.

And also Thank You to the people always helping out with supporting new users in my Discord server, in particular Anthem, Hinoguchi Sorako, ARS Yoshino, Luki, but also many others.


For business- or support-related inquiries, please contact vtubestudioapp@gmail.com